10 reasons why you should join Pilates Classes

Pilates is a form of exercise that concentrates on strengthening the body, emphasizing mainly core strength. This helps improve general fitness and overall well-being, which helps in regaining balance, flexibility, and posture. Pilates classes are one of the most popular courses that are conducted for physical and mental fitness. 


benefits of pilates


Let’s explore some of the reasons why you should join Pilates Classes


  • Anti-aging 

The breezy and balanced movements of Pilates help in relieving stress and anxiety. The release of endorphins in our body, makes us feel good, promotes a sense of stimulated contentment, and keeps us feel younger with every passing day. 


  • Prevents injuries

What if you come to know that Pilates could help you prevent injuries? Well yes, several pilates classes in UAE have proved that Pilates aims at the core, strengthening your abdominal and back muscles. We all use our core to every extent in a day. Whether while standing up, bending over, walking or even sitting on a chair. This may weaken the muscle and result in back pain.


  • Full-Body Workout

Pilates mainly engages your core and helps you in developing balanced muscle strength throughout your body. It helps in developing long, lean, and toned muscles, increasing your overall flexibility and range of motion in your joints.  


  • Improves posture

Core strength improvement is the main foundation of your healthy and elegant posture. Pilates focuses on improving your core strength which is the main foundation for a healthy and elegant posture. Pilates stretches your muscles that make you look a few inches taller and stiffer.


  • Decreases stress levels & boost your energy levels

It also helps in releasing stress hormones, especially while you sleep properly at night. Pilates gets the circulation and breath moving intact while the spine exercises increase your blood flow. 


  • Versatile

Pilates is versatile enough to do it almost anywhere, but it is always good to opt for pilates classes. You can reap benefits even if you devote 15 mins of your time with trainers. Trainers help you increase the resistance of the body and guide you towards the correct procedure. 


  • Weight loss

Technically speaking, you cannot burn fat as much as fat as a high-intensity aerobic cardio-based class through Pilates classes. But Pilates does help you become more apprehensive of your body and prevent you from gaining the extra fat since the start. 


  • Pilates Can Give You A Flat Stomach

Pilates chairs or reformers used during pilates training uses the muscles of the body and helps in sculpting your body even further. It is essential for burning off the love handles and belly fat.  


  • More efficient than a massage

Pilates helps you in controlling your muscles and fixing your strains. If you feel tightness or an ache in muscles, Pilates will surely make you feel much better than a massage.  


  • It’s fun

You can never know the fun and addictiveness a pilates class can provide until you try. There are several Pilates classes in UAE that make the exercise much fun through different other activities, such as games, parties etc. 

The list of reasons to join a pilates class goes on forever. So, if you have realized the benefits of exercise and are looking for a healthy and reclined break from your daily routine, a pilates class such as The Room, UAE will be the perfect way to start. The Room provides a life that does not focus only on fitness but makes your experience of walking on the right path uniquely and differently. Our extremely qualified Pilates trainers make sure that you get the most of us and set the right mindset to relax both body and mind. 


Author: Jennifer Morrison

Certified Health Coach & Pilates Instructor

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