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5 reasons to get your workout done early

Early morning is a time to take stock of the happenings for the previous day and plan for the upcoming one. It is also a time that you can get most time for yourself without being interrupted by the hassles of everyday life. Why not make of it, and get your workout done too? If you have trouble waking up; try this – Set two alarms instead of one and visualise your workout the previous night. Wearing bright colored clothing and envisioning how great you would feel after the workout can also work wonders. With THE ROOM’s 5 am and 7 am classes starting on September 10, inculcating early morning workouts into your routines becomes much easier! Here are 5 great reasons to get your workout done in the morning!


1. Energy Peaks:
As soon as you wake up, your body’s energy levels are at their peak. Hence, your workout can also yield better results. You are well rested from the previous night and ready to go. This is the time to go out and hit that workout!


2. Less Distractions:
Mornings are also a time when your work for the day hasn’t yet begun. This is the time when you can prioritise yourself. It also helps you in concentrating better at your job as your workout for the day has already been done, you are less likely to be distracted by events that happen throughout the day.


 3. Metabolic Boost:
Research has proven that exercising in the morning kick starts your metabolism and gets you burning more calories throughout the days. It has been found that the body burns more calories throughout the day even when you are not working out, if you inculcate the habit of working out early in the morning.


4. Improves Focus and Mood:
A workout is one of the most effective methods of waking your body up from the lethargy of sleep. You will be more focused at work as your body is awake and activated from the workout. Follow the workout with a healthy breakfast and you are sure to experience an active and successful day.


 5. Better Sleep:
Working out early in the morning can also promote and contribute towards a more restful sleep. Since your workout has been done in the morning your energy level will settle in the evening; thus, preparing your body better for rest and help you in sleeping more peacefully. Thus, helping you feel fresh and recharged in the morning to start the workout on a healthy note.


Mim Kleiberg is a Holistic Health Coach, Star 3 Spinning Instructor, personal trainer and Co-owner of THE ROOM Abu Dhabi with qualifications in Olympic Weight Lifting, Kettle-bells & Functional Training.

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