Benefits of Spinning® over Outdoor Cycling

Some fitness enthusiasts continue to think that Spinning® indoors is not a good form of workouts. The argument often made is that outdoor cycling is much more beneficial form of workout. It is therefore highly recommended by all endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts try Spinning® for a short while at THE CYCLING ROOM with experienced Care Team instructors. The Spinning® 8- Week progression is a perfect opportunity to do so. At this progressive 8- week course, you would work on various cadence building intervals that can help make you a better athlete as well as help you attain your fitness goals. The following reasons may help you make a decision:

Systematic and Carefully Designed Intervals:

Over the 8 Weeks of training, the sessions will offer systematic training based on basic principles of physiological adaptation. This is done through well thought out work to rest ratios, sets of repetitions, cadence ranges and progressions over the weeks. The sessions will also offer important and essential feedback on efforts and performance levels through data recording of heart rate and/or power, cadence. This in return offers great opportunity to analyze results and offer training plans to athletes.

Fixed Gear Training:

When you train on fixed gear bikes, each second of training counts as there is no no coasting due to constant power generation. Fixed gear training in general is a great way to improve cycling technique and economy. The sessions are a great way to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at virtually no injury risk as there is very low impact and no risk of falling etc.Another advantage of training on fixed gear is that you can train without the worry of weather conditions or demanding timetables!

Like-minded fitness enthusiasts:

It is a well known fact that training yields better results when it is done with a friend. While you set out to cycle on the roads or terrain, it is usually tough to find people that can match your level of enthusiasm and like-minded training goals. When you work in a Set-up like THE ROOM Abu Dhabi, you can rest assured that you are training only with the best Care Team instructors, who know the ins and outs of Spinning® and also that you are accompanied by people who share your mindstate and encourage you to better yourself.

Repeatable Efforts, Better Results:

The studio training offers for changeable effort levels; thus, when you find a routine that yield itself best to your fitness goals you can repeat it over and over. Research shows that a  fitness routine that is set and perfected over time definitely shows marked improvements. The studio is also an excellent environment for FTP testing (Functional Threshold Power Testing) that can help you track your fitness graph and prowess.

Customisable Workouts:

The place that you reside in may not have the most versatile landscapes and thus, your workouts and cardio training may tend to get monotonous. In a place like Abu Dhabi for instance, i is difficult to find hilly terrain that can really enhance your workout sessions. In a closed studio environment, there is unlimited scope for customising the workouts. You can set your difficulty level, elevation intensity as well as duration. The specific intensity zones can help an athlete train more effectively than ever before.

Pilates Introductory Course


You’ve heard the word but you don’t know what it is?

REAL body and core strength – that is Pilates , a system of exercises designed to build strength- especially core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone while focussing on lengthening the body and improving your posture.

And Yes!  Pilates is for both women and men of all ages.  From every young person wanting to build a solid foundation to have a strong, beautiful lean  body and ensure a fit and pain free future,  to the successful business man behind a desk all day who wants to be strong, lean and fit without spending hours in a gym.

Or maybe you have, over the years, accumulated some niggly aches and pains or maybe a muscle imbalance along the way and you’ve tried to solve them through various training system, diets etc.  But never really became pain free or regained your mobility after injury?

Pilates will not only aid in resolving these issues but also build a powerhouse that you can use as a genuine foundation towards any fitness, lifestyle or wellness goal you set yourself.

Pilates is also the ideal safe exercise to help women regain their core and pelvic strength after giving birth and also the perfect Rehab system to reactivate your core muscles after a caesarean birth.

Pilates also caters not only for the athlete with painful joints and possible loss of range of motion, but also for the nurse, the airhostess, the teacher etc. who live with pain and discomfort daily from just plain overuse of joints.

As a conclusion – Pilates is for everyone!

So how do you begin with Pilates, where do you start?

Well, let’s start at the start-

The Pilates Introductory Course at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi!

You will learn 10 basic Pilates Matt Exercises with step-by-step instruction, focusing on proper spinal alignment and optimal posture as well as activating and strengthening the “core” group of muscles. This course will give you the tools to progress to the full repertoire of 34 original and authentic mat exercises as designed and developed by Joseph Pilates himself.

You will also receive a detailed manual to practice at home and opportunities to ask questions and learn modifications for all your individual needs.

After this specially tailored 4-session program, you will feel confident and strong enough to progress to other Pilates Classes offered at The ROOM Abu Dhabi, safely and enjoyably

Welcome to the exciting world of Pilates!

Considering Afterschool Programmes for your kids?  Here’s why you should consider Drama! 

Well, the school year is back in full swing!  Like most parents, you might be considering ‘Extra Curricular Activities’ (ECAs) for your children.  ECAs are an important extension of academic education as they allow children to create friendships, develop existing talents, learn new skills, and build their confidence.

In the UAE, Drama classes are a popular ECA choice.  Children who engage with the Performing Arts are developing valuable life skills alongside their chosen craft.  Performing cultivates imagination and communication skills.  The disciplines of the creative process (rehearsing, learning lines and coordinating movements) improve memory and focus.  Being involved in a collaborative performance also helps in developing important listening, teamwork and observation skills. ​

The beauty of Drama is that it will allow your child to develop their ‘sense of self’ by encouraging them to express their ideas in a supportive context, alongside their peers.  In order to find their stage voice, your child will first learn to trust themselves and their fellow performers.  Opportunities to be brave and overcome inhibition are given in a warm and encouraging environment.  Aspects of the Performing Arts, especially improvisation, help young people in understanding  how to navigate challenges, solve problems, think outside the box and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations.  It may take some time, but once your child learns to trust their ideas and abilities, the confidence they gain will propel them forward.  It will give them the space to improve their vocal projection, articulation, tone and expression.  They will find their voice! ​ Through Drama, your child will be encouraged to use their imagination to become brilliant storytellers, and in turn gain the confidence to present themselves with poise in front of an audience.

Young children are natural performers, whether enrolled in a class or dancing around the living room at home.  Their love of music and rhythm helps them to discover balance and coordination through movement.  They use their imaginations even before they start articulating. By the age of three, children are able to concentrate for longer periods of time, engage in conversation, communicate ideas and retain lyrics to songs and basic choreography.  This is why most Drama and Musical Theatre Classes start around this age.

THE ROOM Abu Dhabi is very happy to welcome Kids Theatre Works! to the club! As a holistic health and lifestyle venue, their service is amazing and very important in the personal development of the little ones. We are looking forward to a long and successful collaboration.

Kids’​ Theatre Works!​ opened their doors 16 years ago and since then have offered a progressive programme in Dramatics, Acting and Musical Theatre classes which enable children to develop their talents from ages 3-18 years old.  They have a multitude of Drama classes available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Kids’ Theatre Works! are working with several schools to offer ECAs and have a diversified programme including school holiday programmes, workshops, 2 annual Theatre Productions and a schedule which spans 38 classes per week based at DUCTAC.  To find out more visit, phone 050 158 5653 or email

Health Coach

Get Back to fit: How to resume your fitness routine after the break

A workout regime yields great results only when pursued with vigor and regularity. However, sometimes life, work, holidays, family and many such other reasons may hamper your workout goals. It is okay to miss the sessions once in awhile and take time to do things that make you happy. However, what matters more is how quickly and steadily you can get back on your feet after a break. Most of us dread the inevitable soreness that comes after we resume exercising after a brief hiatus. The important thing is to be fully aware of your body and put it through its paces gradually. Slowly but surely, you will notice yourself getting closer to your wellness goals.


Here are my 5 tips to ease the shock of getting back to fit after the break:

1. Slow but steady:

It is unnatural for you to expect 200% results from your body right after your first workout post the holiday break. In your first class, take it easy, do the things that you love doing but maybe reduce the intensity and gradually increase it class by class. Start with the basics and slowly make your way to your regular routine. Not doing so, greatly increases the risk of injury and puts your health at risk.

2. Stretch: It’s good for you:

Once you resume your regular fitness routine , make sure you mobilise and stretch adequately after the class. this will ensure that soreness will be minimised. After each workout, your muscles are left in a contracted state; stretching them ensures that they return back to their natural position so that your body can regain its comfortable posture. There are various ways you can do this, one of them is to catch functional mobility classes to help you with this at THE ROOM.

3. Rest and Recover:

Although fitness is a continuous journey, it is important to schedule adequate rest after each workout. This helps your muscles and body recover faster so that you can keep up the strength in the rest of your workouts. Schedule your rest intervals in between your workout days with equal regularity.

4. Set attainable goals:

Know your own body and try to set goals that can be achieved realistically. Not doing so implies that you are setting yourself up for failure at not achieving them. Moreover, the stress and excess effort may result in a burn-out. We all have a lot of motivation in the beginning, don’t let your fire be consumed in one go. Stagger your progress instead of going at it in one go.

5. Choose your workout wisely:

Attaining desired results is always easier when you are doing something that you love instead of something that you dread doing. Once you come back, choose a workout routine that you love doing. It maybe Yoga, Zumba, Strength, Cardio or any other fitness regime. Focus on the path rather than the result at first.

Mim Kleiberg is a Star 3 Spinning Instructor, Holistic Health Coach, personal trainer and Co-owner of THE ROOM Abu Dhabi with qualifications in Olympic Weight Lifting, Kettle-bells & Functional Training.

Prenatal Yoga and Pilates

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting times in any women’s life and of course your first instinct is to be as healthy as possible during your pregnancy- not only for yourself but for your growing baby too. But as exciting and happy as this period can be it is also one the biggest life altering experiences as your body slowly changes to accommodate your growing baby.

Each phase or trimester of your pregnancy comes with its own beautiful milestones as your baby develops but also poses new challenges for your body and your health, and staying fit and healthy might be a lot more challenging as your enter each of these phases.

So what can you do stay healthy apart from following a balanced diet? The big question most pregnant women probably have is – is it safe to exercise while I’m pregnant and which exercises should I do to stay strong and help me prepare for the birth of my baby? Can regular exercise contribute to a shorter less painful birth?

The answer is without a doubt Pilates and Yoga, and yes- research has shown that women who followed a regular exercise regime during pregnancy were more likely to have a shorter labor and could manage pain better.

These prenatal classes are a combinantion of Pilates and Yoga, this is a combination of safe exercises  specially designed and adjusted to your changing body trough out all three trimesters. Work outs focus on gently building pelvic floor and core strength specifically tailored to the postural and muscular changes during each trimester. Relaxation and tension relieve through breathing patterns are also practiced followed by various gentle stretches to improve circulation and maintain flexibility and balance.

You will be guided through a workout specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy, interweaving childbirth education as well as addressing therapeutic applications – common aches and pains. Linking yoga postures with the breath will lead you to new discoveries, bringing awareness to the mind, body and spirit, and also the spirit of your baby.

Although exercising during your pregnancy is safe – it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before you undertake any exercise regime.

Below are just a few benefits of a Prenatal Classes:

1. Build pelvic floor and core strength:

Pelvic floor and core muscle strength becomes even more important than it already is, during your pregnancy. Together these muscles act like an inner brace to support your back and growing tummy as your body and even your center of gravity changes. While your body prepares for birth, hormonal changes causes your ligaments and connective tissues to soften and could make you more prone to injury and various aches and pains,  thus maintaining and building strength through out these areas are crucial for a more comfortable pregnancy, labor and a quicker recovery after birth.

2. Relaxation and Tension relieve through breathing patterns:

As your baby grows your organs start to move a little to make space for all the new changes and unfortunately one of the main effects or symptoms you might experience is shortness of breath or even some hyperventilation, both of which leads to mom and baby receiving less oxygen which could affect or alter PH levels in your blood. Together with this the strain on your upper back, neck and even your joints could increase. By teaching and guiding you through various breathing exercise the increase in oxygen will help you feel more relaxed, help improve your quality of sleep and your general sense of wellbeing.

3. Improve circulation and maintain flexibility and balance:

As your belly grows and becomes heavier your center of gravity changes which in turns affects your balance and could lead to maybe a sense of being clumsy. Prenatal Pilates focuses directly on strengthening the Core and supporting muscles to help maintain optimal posture and help you be a bit more centered, balance but also aids in maintaining as much mobility throughout your body. Other main symptoms like swollen ankles, feet etc. are common during pregnancy but keeping a healthy and active exercise routine for as long as possible helps to improve overall blood and oxygen circulation which lessen and help to manage these symptoms in a healthy pregnancy.

4. Strengthening muscles of the uterus:

Prenatal Yoga helps to strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort. Yoga can also alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica.

At THE ROOM you can workout in a safe, open community that allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.

In conclusion, a combinantion of Prenatal Pilates and Yoga is definitely one of the most effective and safest exercise programs to keep both mom and baby healthy and comfortable during this  miraculous journey.

If you need more guidelines you can always get in touch with us.

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