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Learn to Fly – Yoga Workshop

Matt Corker

Arm balances in yoga can often be intimidating to those who have never done them before. In this 90-minute vinyasa yoga class, we will explore the secrets of making arm balances easy so you can feel light enough to fly.

In this workshop, you’ll experience the power of your breath and what it feels like to laugh on a yoga mat. This is a class open to all levels – beginners and advanced students are both welcome.

Join Matt for this awesome workshop happening on December 7th at THE ROOM Zayed Sports City, 5.30 pm – 7 pm.


About Matt Corker :


Matt (hailing from Vancouver, Canada) is a 200 hr RYT in Radiantly Alive Yoga and a faculty member for The Sacred Fig Yoga Teacher Trainings that happen annually in Bali, Goa, and Costa Rica annually. This vinyasa-based style uses music, challenging asana (postures), spiritual insight, pranayama (breath exercises), meditation, humour, and yogic themes relevant for the modern yogi to enrich the student’s experience and cultivate awareness. Matt uses yoga to complement his other active escapades – be them running half marathons, cycling, or trying out the newest workout class in Vancouver.

Call 02/ 4444 945 to sign up and know more about the workshop.


Personality Types & Personal Growth

Peter Pastijn with thanks to:

Peter: ‘Joining the Spinning Master Instructor team in 2010 allowed me to:
  •  Become an international lecturer in the fields of cardiovascular training through (stationary) cycling
  • Lecture and coach on personal development through Spinning® and sports

Today i am happy and feel privileged that after years of (self-)study in the field of personal development as well as working with a mental trainer for over 7 years during my professional sports career, a new chapter is now starting with our partnership with Hercules! Sharing this passion and know-how with esteemed companies and organizations that collaborate with Hercules is a dream come true!

As an athlete, you are confronted with having to find out the (at times) harsh truth of who we are, what our strengths and weaknesses are, as well as how to work on our self to reach our goal. This path is at times confronting an uncomfortable, but overall it is #anextraordinaryroad.

 Today is promising to be an amazing road for all staff members at Jaguar Land Rover. A road of values, finding out more about oneself and how to integrate this into one’s daily private and professional life!

As a little gift to all members of THE ROOM it is a good read to find out more about their personality type.

Enjoy the read, find out who you are! And thanks to our partners at Hercules.’

Triathlon Coaching at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi

Rebecca Pittam

What do you do when you have accomplished your goals, when the challenge you have set yourself has been achieved?

The answer?

Find a new challenge, and for me that was to take my Ironman experience to the next level and to certify as an Ironman coach so that I could not only continue to grow as an Ironman athlete but also to help others realise their own Extraordinary Road.

Triathlon Swimming
Triathlon Swim

With the triathlon season well upon us this is where my journey to becoming a Triathlon Coach begins and and together with other trainers at THE ROOM we are looking to help you get race fit for TriYas and Abu Dhabi ITU with either the Sprint or Olympic distance in mind. We will be writing and sharing specifically designed training plans, some being executed in our scheduled classes to help our clients meet their own triathlon dreams.

Each plan will cover Swim, Bike, Run, Strength and Flexibility sessions that will get you to the start line of your chosen race in the best possible shape.

We are offering this service as we feel passionately about our scheduled classes and how great they are at preparing you for your fitness challenges outside of the studio.

Specifically designed Spin® classes will help you build strength and endurance whilst the prescribed run sessions which will be held after specific Spin® classes and also held independently will help your legs adapt to the stresses that you are under when training for multiple sports. Scheduled swim sessions will be held at locations arranged for you by THE ROOM at certain times throughout the week and of course you can always take advantage of the beautiful waters that surround us at your own convenience.

Combine all of this with Strength and Flexibility sessions and you are looking at a fully rounded training program which complements the needs of any budding or experienced triathlete alike.

Finally, as a part of the plan there will be scheduled sessions such as long rides and runs to build up your endurance which you will do outside of THE ROOM and can be done at any location, at your own convenience on the suggested day in the training schedule. The Spin® studio can also be made available with prior notice should you wish to complete your long rides there.

Our trainers are here to support you in every step of your Triathlon journey this season and you may even see some of them out at Al Wathba Cycling Track on a Friday morning for some long rides.

For more infomation please come and see us, email at or call us on 024444945

Spinning and Yoga

Spinning® and Yoga – The Ideal combination

Yoga and the Spinning® program are natural complements to one another. They’re similar in that both have a mental and a physical component.

Teaching the physical part of the Spinning class is easy. It is the mental aspect that is often more challenging. The purpose of yoga is to develop self awareness. Therefore, combining yoga and Spinning enables us to introduce the mental component with ease.
When we use breathing and/or a flowing sequence of yoga poses (asanas) as a warm-up, we can establish a mind/body connection that can carry over into the ride. Using asanas as the cool-down keeps us focused on our bodies while we stretch the muscles used during the ride.

THE ROOM Abu Dhabi is hosting a Spinning + Yoga class on November 12th at 4.30 pm. Call us on 02/ 4444 945 to book.

Objectives of the class

• Discover why yoga and the Spinning® program work well together.

• Learn a sun salutation sequence and breathing exercises for a yoga

• Learn asanas that will stretch the cycling muscles.


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5 Ways Yoga Helps Reduce Anxiety & Manage Stress

Yoga for stress
Let Yoga help you deal with stress.

Kat Owens

Yoga. It’s so much more than just colorful leggings and contorting one’s body into a pretzel.

Yoga is a comprehensive system for overall health and well-being. It utilizes many tools to help strengthen the body, increase flexibility, and calm the mind.

The tools of yoga work especially well when it comes to understanding and responding to chronic stress. In a world that often feels chaotic and out of control, yoga can help bring you to a place of balance, awareness, and ease.

Here are 5 ways yoga helps reduce anxiety and manage stress:

  1. It relaxes & strengthens the nervous system

When we experience chronic stress, our sympathetic nervous system (the “fight or flight” response) is in full force. Over time, this can do a lot of damage to our health. The yoga practice helps shift this dominance by utilizing calming and restorative techniques, which are mediated by the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and restore” response) to bring the body back into balance.

  1. It leads to slower and deeper breathing

How many times have we been told to “take a deep breath” or “breathe and count to 10” when we’re upset? Intentionally slowing and deepening the breath calms the body and the mind. In time, the breath becomes more consistent and efficient.

  1. It increases blood flow and reduces tension in the body

Yoga postures (asanas) effectively improve circulation and blood flow throughout the entire body, reducing muscle tension and tightness. Major muscles such as the hips, which are often neglected sitting on the couch or at a desk, get relief through the practice of yoga.

  1. It helps “clear” the mental clutter

Yoga teaches you how slow down the fluctuations of the mind. By focusing on a posture or on your breath, you focus your awareness. Off the yoga mat, this awareness can help you respond less aggressively to situations that would normally trigger you.

  1. It leads to healthier habits and rituals

Your yoga practice is for you. You are in the driver’s seat and you are responsible for your own healing. As you build a stronger awareness of your body, you tend to make healthier choices in your daily life. You might start to eat better or sleep more regularly. You become less anxious and more at peace.

The best part? All of these benefits (and there are many more) overlap! If you change your breathing, you change your nervous system. If you settle and focus your mind, you are more likely to make more informed, healthy choices. And the benefits only grow with continued practice!

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