Benefits of Spinning® over Outdoor Cycling

Some fitness enthusiasts continue to think that Spinning® indoors is not a good form of workouts. The argument often made is that outdoor cycling is much more beneficial form of workout. It is therefore highly recommended by all endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts try Spinning® for a short while at THE CYCLING ROOM with experienced Care Team instructors. The Spinning® 8- Week progression is a perfect opportunity to do so. At this progressive 8- week course, you would work on various cadence building intervals that can help make you a better athlete as well as help you attain your fitness goals. The following reasons may help you make a decision:

Systematic and Carefully Designed Intervals:

Over the 8 Weeks of training, the sessions will offer systematic training based on basic principles of physiological adaptation. This is done through well thought out work to rest ratios, sets of repetitions, cadence ranges and progressions over the weeks. The sessions will also offer important and essential feedback on efforts and performance levels through data recording of heart rate and/or power, cadence. This in return offers great opportunity to analyze results and offer training plans to athletes.

Fixed Gear Training:

When you train on fixed gear bikes, each second of training counts as there is no no coasting due to constant power generation. Fixed gear training in general is a great way to improve cycling technique and economy. The sessions are a great way to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at virtually no injury risk as there is very low impact and no risk of falling etc.Another advantage of training on fixed gear is that you can train without the worry of weather conditions or demanding timetables!

Like-minded fitness enthusiasts:

It is a well known fact that training yields better results when it is done with a friend. While you set out to cycle on the roads or terrain, it is usually tough to find people that can match your level of enthusiasm and like-minded training goals. When you work in a Set-up like THE ROOM Abu Dhabi, you can rest assured that you are training only with the best Care Team instructors, who know the ins and outs of Spinning® and also that you are accompanied by people who share your mindstate and encourage you to better yourself.

Repeatable Efforts, Better Results:

The studio training offers for changeable effort levels; thus, when you find a routine that yield itself best to your fitness goals you can repeat it over and over. Research shows that a  fitness routine that is set and perfected over time definitely shows marked improvements. The studio is also an excellent environment for FTP testing (Functional Threshold Power Testing) that can help you track your fitness graph and prowess.

Customisable Workouts:

The place that you reside in may not have the most versatile landscapes and thus, your workouts and cardio training may tend to get monotonous. In a place like Abu Dhabi for instance, i is difficult to find hilly terrain that can really enhance your workout sessions. In a closed studio environment, there is unlimited scope for customising the workouts. You can set your difficulty level, elevation intensity as well as duration. The specific intensity zones can help an athlete train more effectively than ever before.

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