Benefits of getting a Sports Massage if you workout.

Sports Massage AT THE ROOM is a service we are glad to be able to offer you with our specialized male and female therapists! Please read attached article about the benefits of sports massage. For people of all fitness levels this can be so beneficial. Ask for more information at our Front Desk. Sports Massage

Learn to Fly – Yoga Workshop

Matt Corker Arm balances in yoga can often be intimidating to those who have never done them before. In this 90-minute vinyasa yoga class, we will explore the secrets of making arm balances easy so you can feel light enough to fly. In this workshop, you’ll experience the power of your breath and what it

Personality Types & Personal Growth

Peter Pastijn with thanks to: Peter: ‘Joining the Spinning Master Instructor team in 2010 allowed me to:  Become an international lecturer in the fields of cardiovascular training through (stationary) cycling Lecture and coach on personal development through Spinning® and sports Today i am happy and feel privileged that after years of (self-)study in the