Triathlon Coaching at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi

Rebecca Pittam What do you do when you have accomplished your goals, when the challenge you have set yourself has been achieved? The answer? Find a new challenge, and for me that was to take my Ironman experience to the next level and to certify as an Ironman coach so that I could not only

Spinning® and Yoga – The Ideal combination

Yoga and the Spinning® program are natural complements to one another. They’re similar in that both have a mental and a physical component. Teaching the physical part of the Spinning class is easy. It is the mental aspect that is often more challenging. The purpose of yoga is to develop self awareness. Therefore, combining yoga

5 Ways Yoga Helps Reduce Anxiety & Manage Stress

Kat Owens Yoga. It’s so much more than just colorful leggings and contorting one’s body into a pretzel. Yoga is a comprehensive system for overall health and well-being. It utilizes many tools to help strengthen the body, increase flexibility, and calm the mind. The tools of yoga work especially well when it comes to understanding