What is it? A ROOM for kids to play and have fun with their caretaker or nanny while mom works out right next door.   Available as of September 2018 Here a Story from co-owner and first-time mum Adele: Being a mom is hard work- that is a fact. And we are all trying to

Health coaching – 6 month program

By Mim Kleiberg What is a health coach and what will I get from health coaching?   Having a health coach is like having a personal trainer for your health and wellbeing. In the same way that a PT customises a program to your specific needs, your health coach will take the time to get

Protein – The Tower of Strength

By Louise Du Plessis   The importance of protein in athletic performance is a hot debated topic! Should we have more if we exercise more, or do we just keep on eating the same amount? Will it really cause greater muscle mass and a leaner more defined physique?   Why do we need protein? Protein