Blending vs Juicing

When it comes to health and fitness, there is never the ‘one-right- way’ to follow because the human body is built in a peculiar way, so there cannot be ‘one-size- fits-all’. The best way forward is to choose what suits you the best. These days, there is a lot of buzz around juicing and blending.

Benefits of Spinning® over Outdoor Cycling

Some fitness enthusiasts continue to think that Spinning® indoors is not a good form of workouts. The argument often made is that outdoor cycling is much more beneficial form of workout. It is therefore highly recommended by all endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts try Spinning® for a short while at THE CYCLING ROOM with experienced

Pilates Introductory Course

Pilates.. You’ve heard the word but you don’t know what it is? REAL body and core strength – that is Pilates , a system of exercises designed to build strength- especially core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone while focussing on lengthening the body and improving your posture. And Yes!  Pilates is for both women