Pilates Introductory Course


You’ve heard the word but you don’t know what it is?

REAL body and core strength – that is Pilates , a system of exercises designed to build strength- especially core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone while focussing on lengthening the body and improving your posture.

And Yes!  Pilates is for both women and men of all ages.  From every young person wanting to build a solid foundation to have a strong, beautiful lean  body and ensure a fit and pain free future,  to the successful business man behind a desk all day who wants to be strong, lean and fit without spending hours in a gym.

Or maybe you have, over the years, accumulated some niggly aches and pains or maybe a muscle imbalance along the way and you’ve tried to solve them through various training system, diets etc.  But never really became pain free or regained your mobility after injury?

Pilates will not only aid in resolving these issues but also build a powerhouse that you can use as a genuine foundation towards any fitness, lifestyle or wellness goal you set yourself.

Pilates is also the ideal safe exercise to help women regain their core and pelvic strength after giving birth and also the perfect Rehab system to reactivate your core muscles after a caesarean birth.

Pilates also caters not only for the athlete with painful joints and possible loss of range of motion, but also for the nurse, the airhostess, the teacher etc. who live with pain and discomfort daily from just plain overuse of joints.

As a conclusion – Pilates is for everyone!

So how do you begin with Pilates, where do you start?

Well, let’s start at the start-

The Pilates Introductory Course at THE ROOM Abu Dhabi!

You will learn 10 basic Pilates Matt Exercises with step-by-step instruction, focusing on proper spinal alignment and optimal posture as well as activating and strengthening the “core” group of muscles. This course will give you the tools to progress to the full repertoire of 34 original and authentic mat exercises as designed and developed by Joseph Pilates himself.

You will also receive a detailed manual to practice at home and opportunities to ask questions and learn modifications for all your individual needs.

After this specially tailored 4-session program, you will feel confident and strong enough to progress to other Pilates Classes offered at The ROOM Abu Dhabi, safely and enjoyably

Welcome to the exciting world of Pilates!

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