What is it?

A ROOM for kids to play and have fun with their caretaker or nanny while mom works out right next door.  

Available as of September 2018

Here a Story from co-owner and first-time mum Adele:

Being a mom is hard work- that is a fact. And we are all trying to be the best mom we can possibly be, right? This sometimes means that your time really isn’t your time anymore and doing the things you love might not always be possible with your little one. Like having a good workout with the peace of mind that your baby or little one is safe and taken care of close enough for you to check in on them when needed.

Being a first-time mum, this was one of the challenges I faced when wanting to get back to exercise. And now that my little boy is a little older and with school holidays, I found myself looking for a safe space for my little boy again. All I, and so many other moms needed was just a safe, dedicated space to leave our little ones whilst we got a quick and effective workout.

Getting back to training after having your baby is hard enough in itself and at The ROOM Abu Dhabi we applaud and appreciate every mom; and what better way to meet both your and your little one’s needs than creating a safe and dedicated space for both mom and little one?


Twice a week , our Care Team , has chosen two dedicated classes perfectly suited for all moms of all fitness levels. And for the little ones we have created their own KIDS ROOM, to play and have fun with their caretaker or nanny right next door.

Monday 10.30am

On Mondays moms can join the Spin & Core class at 10:30. Part Spinning class, part core strengthening, this class includes on and off bike elements to give a full body workout.  Set to up-beat and motivating music, this is the perfect class to get your workout done for the day.

Wednesday 10.30am

And on Wednesdays moms are treated to a Balance Barre class at 10.30. Move your body to the beat with this fun,  fat burning workout using a blend of Pilates , Yoga and ballet.

So, Abu Dhabi Mums and Friends, this is a great time for us all to get together and start training!

(class not limited to mothers – open to all)

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