Blending vs Juicing

When it comes to health and fitness, there is never the ‘one-right- way’ to follow because the human body is built in a peculiar way, so there cannot be ‘one-size- fits-all’. The best way forward is to choose what suits you the best. These days, there is a lot of buzz around juicing and blending. High in vitamins and packed with micronutrients, both of these options will deliver precious nutrition to your body.


A blender is a staple in most kitchens. It is no surprise then, that smoothies have taken off as a breakfast option in the last few years. Green smoothies (a mixture of fruit and green vegetables) are becoming very popular as a way of consuming the all important 5 nutrients – a – day. The benefits offered by blending are given below:

● Blending your fruit and vegetables is a great way of retaining fiber which is important for digestion.

● Fiber slows the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream and enables the body to move food through the digestive tract.

● Fiber is satiating and hence, ends up keeping you fuller for longer.

● Blending also enables you to be able to incorporate other healthy foods such as nuts and seeds to give the smoothie a full profile of macronutrients.


Long popular with fans of detoxing, juicing removes the fiber from the fruits and vegetables processed and makes them easily drinkable. Although fresh juice contains the same nutrients as the original fruit and vegetables, the juicing process removes fibers making the juice more concentrated, and so easier to digest and absorb into the bloodstream. Consequently juicing is a more effective way to absorb high concentrations of nutrients (vitamins, minerals and enzymes) from fruits and vegetables into the body. Following are just a few of the benefits of

● Juicing allows for quicker digestion and an improved rate of absorption of nutrients into the body.

● Juicing leads to increased absorption of nutrients will have two general effects on the body: more nutrients will get to your cells and tissues, and the body will be better able to detoxify.

● Juicing gives your stomach and intestines a rest as it removes hard to digest fibers.


Mim Kleiberg is a Star 3 Spinning Instructor, Holistic Health Coach, personal trainer and Co-owner of THE ROOM Abu Dhabi with qualifications in Olympic Weight Lifting, Kettle-bells & Functional Training.

Get Back to fit: How to resume your fitness routine after the break

A workout regime yields great results only when pursued with vigor and regularity. However, sometimes life, work, holidays, family and many such other reasons may hamper your workout goals. It is okay to miss the sessions once in awhile and take time to do things that make you happy. However, what matters more is how quickly and steadily you can get back on your feet after a break. Most of us dread the inevitable soreness that comes after we resume exercising after a brief hiatus. The important thing is to be fully aware of your body and put it through its paces gradually. Slowly but surely, you will notice yourself getting closer to your wellness goals.


Here are my 5 tips to ease the shock of getting back to fit after the break:

1. Slow but steady:

It is unnatural for you to expect 200% results from your body right after your first workout post the holiday break. In your first class, take it easy, do the things that you love doing but maybe reduce the intensity and gradually increase it class by class. Start with the basics and slowly make your way to your regular routine. Not doing so, greatly increases the risk of injury and puts your health at risk.

2. Stretch: It’s good for you:

Once you resume your regular fitness routine , make sure you mobilise and stretch adequately after the class. this will ensure that soreness will be minimised. After each workout, your muscles are left in a contracted state; stretching them ensures that they return back to their natural position so that your body can regain its comfortable posture. There are various ways you can do this, one of them is to catch functional mobility classes to help you with this at THE ROOM.

3. Rest and Recover:

Although fitness is a continuous journey, it is important to schedule adequate rest after each workout. This helps your muscles and body recover faster so that you can keep up the strength in the rest of your workouts. Schedule your rest intervals in between your workout days with equal regularity.

4. Set attainable goals:

Know your own body and try to set goals that can be achieved realistically. Not doing so implies that you are setting yourself up for failure at not achieving them. Moreover, the stress and excess effort may result in a burn-out. We all have a lot of motivation in the beginning, don’t let your fire be consumed in one go. Stagger your progress instead of going at it in one go.

5. Choose your workout wisely:

Attaining desired results is always easier when you are doing something that you love instead of something that you dread doing. Once you come back, choose a workout routine that you love doing. It maybe Yoga, Zumba, Strength, Cardio or any other fitness regime. Focus on the path rather than the result at first.

Mim Kleiberg is a Star 3 Spinning Instructor, Holistic Health Coach, personal trainer and Co-owner of THE ROOM Abu Dhabi with qualifications in Olympic Weight Lifting, Kettle-bells & Functional Training.

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5 reasons to get your workout done early

Early morning is a time to take stock of the happenings for the previous day and plan for the upcoming one. It is also a time that you can get most time for yourself without being interrupted by the hassles of everyday life. Why not make of it, and get your workout done too? If you have trouble waking up; try this – Set two alarms instead of one and visualise your workout the previous night. Wearing bright colored clothing and envisioning how great you would feel after the workout can also work wonders. With THE ROOM’s 5 am and 7 am classes starting on September 10, inculcating early morning workouts into your routines becomes much easier! Here are 5 great reasons to get your workout done in the morning!


1. Energy Peaks:
As soon as you wake up, your body’s energy levels are at their peak. Hence, your workout can also yield better results. You are well rested from the previous night and ready to go. This is the time to go out and hit that workout!


2. Less Distractions:
Mornings are also a time when your work for the day hasn’t yet begun. This is the time when you can prioritise yourself. It also helps you in concentrating better at your job as your workout for the day has already been done, you are less likely to be distracted by events that happen throughout the day.


 3. Metabolic Boost:
Research has proven that exercising in the morning kick starts your metabolism and gets you burning more calories throughout the days. It has been found that the body burns more calories throughout the day even when you are not working out, if you inculcate the habit of working out early in the morning.


4. Improves Focus and Mood:
A workout is one of the most effective methods of waking your body up from the lethargy of sleep. You will be more focused at work as your body is awake and activated from the workout. Follow the workout with a healthy breakfast and you are sure to experience an active and successful day.


 5. Better Sleep:
Working out early in the morning can also promote and contribute towards a more restful sleep. Since your workout has been done in the morning your energy level will settle in the evening; thus, preparing your body better for rest and help you in sleeping more peacefully. Thus, helping you feel fresh and recharged in the morning to start the workout on a healthy note.


Mim Kleiberg is a Holistic Health Coach, Star 3 Spinning Instructor, personal trainer and Co-owner of THE ROOM Abu Dhabi with qualifications in Olympic Weight Lifting, Kettle-bells & Functional Training.

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